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Request access to Connect


  • ACR Connect is installed at your site.

  • Open your site's ACR Connect URL in a web browser → Sign in with ACR ID. (Sign up for a new ACR ID if you do not have one)

  • Administrator role is required to approve user access requests.

Request access

Open your organization’s ACR Connect URL in a web browser. Sign in with your ACR ID account. ACR Connect will identify if you already have the access after successful authentication. You will be presented with a screen to request access if you do not already have it. 

A request is sent to your administrator to approve your access. Provide a reason to help your administrator with the level of access you will require. 

Some examples

  • I am a PACS/ Imaging system’s administrator and want to configure data sources on Connect.

  • I am a data scientist and I want to create datasets and train models in AILAB.

  • I am a research assistant and I want to submit data for ACR’s Covid-19 Registry.

Approve or Reject access

Only administrators have access rights to approve or reject access. Open User management from Connect homepage. ACR Connect assigns status as Requested for new users requesting access. 

Use the option provided on screen to approve or deny the request. Administrator must select and assign role for approving the user. Users that were denied access can always be invited back.

To notify a user about the request, copy the text provided and send it using your organization’s default e-mail client.


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