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User login & management

User roles & privileges

App user

  • A user logging into ACR Connect will require App level access to interact with specific applications on ACR Connect.

  • A user can be granted to multiple applications on ACR Connect. 

  • Applications will often require specific features that must be granted to users in addition to the base access to the application. These will be described in application specific documentation.

Platform user

  • The role of Platform user provides added privileges for users to access common functionality offered on the platform as Utilities.

  • Users with this role do not have access to apps by default, but administrator can provide specific access to each apps as need be.

  • The distinction of platform role from an administrator is to facilitate access to more power features offered by the platform outside of business workflows defined within the apps.

  • Platform user however will not have access to administrative functions that correspond to managing the platform such as managing users, platform configurations etc.


  • A user who installs ACR Connect is set as administrator by default. 

  • Administrator role has the highest level of access across the application. 

  • These users by default are assigned access to all the apps but can be modified if needed depending on their job function within the organization. 

  • There can be more than one user with an Administrator role. ACR Connect enforces having at least one user with administrator role at any given time.

  • Administrators are the only users that can manage other user’s access to ACR Connect.

Onboarding user

Users can be onboarded to ACR Connect in two ways.

  • Invite user: A user with Administrator role has privileges to invite new user to Connect.

  • Request access: User with a valid ACR ID can request access to ACR Connect, which will require an Administrator to approve the request.  

Follow related articles for detailed steps.

User status

User management module provides interface for Administrator to manage user access. While the role of a user represents a user’s level of access, status represents current state of access. 


Invitation is sent, but the user has not completed the e-mail verification step.


User accepted the invitation by completing the e-mail verification, but hasn’t signed in.


User completed the invitation process and signed into ACR Connect at least once.


User has been disabled by an administrator.

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