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Pre-Installation Checklist

Before proceeding with a Connect install, it is a good idea to perform a health check and verify a few things.


Linux & Windows Pre-Installation Checklist

1    nslookup <servername>

  • Ports used by Connect Windows

To avoid port conflicts and smooth running of Connect Windows on the host, please ensure these ports are not used by any other software

ServiceHost Port(s)Firewall Access Needed
Gateway Service443Inbound to the server (Local LAN only) Outbound to specific sites listed above
Gateway Service80No
DICOM Service9090-9100Inbound to the server (Local LAN only)
Kestrel Static5000No
Homepage Service5001No
Data Manager Service5002No
DICOM Service5003No
Event Logger Service5004No
DICOM Imaging Service 5005No
DICOM Anonymization Service5006No
Master Id Index Service  5007No

For Connect Linux, Docker maintains an internal docker network and is not exposed at the host level so there are no dedicated ports for each service.

Additional Linux Specific Pre-Installation Steps

  • Verify the Nvidia container runtime worked with the cuda docker image

1sudo docker run --rm --gpus all nvidia/cuda:11.0-base nvidia-smi

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