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4.2 Release Notes

Feature Highlights

This release has been focused around improvements to the Connect Windows installation in support of upcoming projects leveraging ACR Connect like DIR Link and the CANDID-4-AI projects. A few of these improvements include: 

  1. Supporting self-sign certificates during installation 

  2. Implementation of a 'doctor' check to verify the environment and all its pre-requisites prior to proceeding with the Connect installation

We've also begun the work needed to remove the GitHub access dependency that has caused challenges when approaching Sites to install ACR Connect. While this release does not remove this dependency entirely, it does migrate all of the ACR Connect installation packages to be managed via our hosted C3 service versus relying on GitHub. 

Additionally, we have improvements and updates for the following: 

  1. Production Defects found during installations

  2. Security Vulnerability Management remediation

  3. Performance and stability improvements 

Site Upgrade Note

To download the latest update, please run the following PowerShell commands:
$downloadScript=([Scriptblock]::Create((Invoke-WebRequest ; Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock $downloadScript

Once downloaded, you will need to run the 'acrconnect-installer update' command in PowerShell to complete the 4.2 upgrades. 

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