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Release Notes v1.1

The v1.1 release for the DIR Link app is focused on lessons learned through the 1.0 pilot roll-out and what we've identified as critical to the success of transitioning from TRIAD SiteServer to use Connect / DIR Link.

The following are the key features included in this release to support that migration and roll-out.

Multiple Facility Administrator Support 

  • A NRDR corporate account can have multiple Facility Administrators assigned across its facilities that will need access to the DIR Link app and manage scanner mapping and data submissions
  • the DIR Link app recognizes the Facility Administrator role along with the associated facilities for that User - more than one Facility Administrator can access the app
    • only one Facility Administrator will need to activate the DIR Link app  
  • Facility Administrators will only be able to see the scanners and data submitted for their assigned facilities in NRDR
  • Unmapped data submissions will be viewable by all Facility Administrators under a NRDR corporate account until the data is mapped with a facility 
  • the DIR Link app will recognize and alert Facility Administrator users if a Facility previously assigned to them was deactivated in NRDR and/or re-assigned to a different Facility Administrator under the NRDR corporate account
    • Additionally, the DIR Link app will recognize and alert Facility Administrator users if a new Facility under the NRDR corporate account has been assigned to them - prompting them to activate that Facility so the DIR Link app can receive data submissions from that Facility 

Import & Export Scanner to Facility Mappings 

To streamline the set-up and management of scanner to facility mappings, the DIR Link app now has a feature on the Scanner Mapping screen that allows DIR app users to Import scanner configurations. The acceptable file formats for this import are CSV and XLS/X. 

The most likely scenario to occur is an export of scanner mappings from TRIAD SiteServer which is a CSV file. This raw file from TRIAD SiteServer can be leveraged to import the scanners for a Facility or multiple Facilities into the DIR Link app. DIR app users will be prompted to map the columns included in their import file with the proper scanner profile elements at the time of import. This ensures that the transition from TRIAD SiteServer to the DIR Link app scanner profile is seamless. 

DIR app users may also Export the configured Scanner to Facility mappings from DIR Link and download that file as a CSV file to their local machine. This may be useful in times of needing to re-install Connect and/or for analysis or reference for managing the devices under a NRDR corporate account. 

Custom Localizer Validation Configurations

We have extended our Localizer file validation to allow for custom localizer configurations created in the DIR Link app. This feature allows a DIR app user to create a custom validation entry based on the Manufacturer and Image Type tag fields found in the DICOM meta data. This is similar to the Localizer override functionality that exists in TRIAD SiteServer today.

When a DIR app user creates a localizer validation entry in the DIR Link app, it will be applied as part of the validation logic for any data submitted under a NRDR corporate account - meaning, this is not Facility specific. 

In addition to the SOP class validation logic released in v1.0, the DIR Link app will also look for any localizer validation configurations created when validating a file received by DIR Link. 

Default DIR DICOM Listener Port Configurations

We have modified the available DIR DICOM Listener port configurations for Connect Windows installations. Going forward, the DIR DICOM Listener will be set-up on port 104 by default. DIR app users will not be restricted within a 9090-9100 port range but can update the default port of 104 to any port needed during the activation workflow.

DIR Link on Connect Linux will continue to have a default port of 9092. 

Additional Release Highlights

  • the DIR Link app will no longer support a parallel data submission workflow between TRIAD SiteServer and DIR Link - the Production Workflow toggle has been removed from the Site Settings screen
    • any data received by the DIR Link app is presumed to be production data and routed accordingly
    • the DIR Link app no longer uses the Connect Workflow flag in NRDR to modify the data submission process for data received in the DIR Link app
  • the DIR Link app will notify all Facility Administrators for a NRDR corporate account by daily email when the DIR Link app receives unmapped data
    • DIR app users will have 14 days to map the data to a Facility to continue data processing
    • on the 15th day, unmapped data will be removed from the DIR Link and Connect data storage
  • the DIR Link app will have a grace period of 14 days for failed data submissions
    • DIR app users can manually retry to submit the failed data and/or delete the failed data submissions from the Activity Monitor screen
    • on the 15th day, failed data submissions will be removed from the DIR Link and Connect data storage
  • DIR Link application maintenance
    • .NET 6 upgrade
    • Extended exception logging
    • Audit logging updates
    • Security maintenance for reported vulnerabilities 
    • Upload Manager database indexing to support performance improvements under larger data volumes

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