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Unmapped Scanners

When data is submitted to DIR Link from a device that was not previously set-up with a Scanner profile and mapped to a Facility, it will be treated as “unmapped data.” 

This data will be queued and not submitted to ACR until the device sending the data is mapped to a Facility with Scanner profile created.

You will be alerted if “unmapped data” exists for your DIR Link instance by a badge appearing at the top of the Settings page next to Unmapped Scanners.

  1. To view “Unmapped Scanners,” navigate to the Settings page and to the Unmapped Scanners screen

  2. Data that has been received on the configured Listener for this instance of ACR Connect / DIR Link application will be displayed here if no Scanner profile can be found for that data or if the app is unable to map that data with a Facility

    1. Each row that displays a queue of data received from a device

  3. For each row of data, there is a button called Map with Facility

  4. Click the Map with Facility button and the Scanner profile window will display for you to enter Facility mapping details to create a Scanner profile for that data

  5. Once the data has been mapped to a Scanner profile and Facility, the app will automatically retry uploading the data to ACR

    1.  You can confirm this successful submission on the Activity Monitor page

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