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Managing Scanners in DIR Link

  • Imaging modalities can be connected to the DIR Link using several different configuration paths and several configurations are described below. While sending data directly from the scanner or device to the local DIR Link is preferred, other configuration paths, i.e., PACS, third-party Radiation Dose Index Monitoring system (RDIMs), are allowed and may be more efficient for managing multiple modalities, scanners, or devices, across DIR Facilities. As you review the options, please be aware that creating and transferring the Radiation Dose Structured Reports (RDSR) to another DICOM node may require service level access and is typically performed by the local service engineer under the guidance of the medical physicist.

  • Upon initial DIR Link app activation, the DIR Link app will not have any scanners created by default for each Facility.

  • Users will need to manually set-up scanners for each Facility or allow data submission to occur and map Scanners to Facilities after submission. Data will be queued as “unmapped” and will not be submitted to ACR until the mapping required occurs.

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