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ACR Connect Installer Will Not Download


    When running the download script, it does not complete due to TLS 1.2 not being enabled as the system default


    1. Open PowerShell.

    2. Run the following command to check the current security protocol settings:

    3. If PowerShell does not return the output 'SystemDefault' or 'TLS12', edit the registry settings as described below. 


    1. Open the Registry Editor ('regedit'). 

    2. Navigate to the following paths to add or modify the values as specified below:


            For .NET Framework 2.0:

"SystemDefaultTlsVersions" = dword:00000001
"SchUseStrongCrypto" = dword:00000001

            For .NET Framework 4.0:

"SystemDefaultTlsVersions" = dword:00000001 
"SchUseStrongCrypto" = dword:00000001

    3. Save changes and close the Registry Editor.

    4. Close and reopen PowerShell to apply the changes.

Additional Information

For more detailed information on enabling TLS 1.2, refer to the following article:

Enable TLS 1.2 on Site Servers and Remote Site Systems

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