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2.1.3 Release Notes

The scope of TRIAD Uploader v2.1.3 covers the following:

  1. Enhancements specific to the CANDID project
  2. Improvements to navigation, querying, processing, pagination, and submission monitor
  3. Ongoing continuous improvements in support of application stability and performance
  4. Ongoing security maintenance updates

New Features

  • CANDID project Landing Page with file upload instructions and clinical data upload templates
  • Addition of Distance to Facility for CANDID project demographics downloads
  • Feature to export archived submissions from the Submission Monitor


  • Submission of large clinical data file processing to start upon clicking "Continue"
  • Alignment of Query and Retrieve messaging to current processing status


  • Improved messaging regarding CANDID project MRN/Base Date Uploads and failed axial series validations
  • Identification of the studies failed to total studies on the CANDID project download for failed axial series validations
  • Renamed navigational tabs from "Structured Clinical Data Submission" and "DICOM Imaging Data Submission" to "Clinical Data" and "DICOM Images" 
  • Addition of "X" icon on all pop-up windows as a means to close those windows
  • Lazy loading on the Submission Monitor, so submitted files displays as the page is scrolled

Version Updates

TU App:

  • acrconnect-triad-uploader-service: 2.5.100
  • acrconnect-triad-uploader-ui: 2.5.106
  • acrconnect-upload-manager-service: 2.7.26
  • acrconnect-master-id-index-service: 3.4.20
  • acrconnect-master-id-index-ui: 2.5.9


  • acrconnect-dicom-anonymization-service: 3.6.18
  • acrconnect-dicom-service: 3.7.4

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