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DICOM Imaging Data Workflow

  1. Click “Select” button on “DICOM Imaging Data” feature.

  2. A page with options to import imaging data from a local drive, querying of a PACS, or existing datasets displays.

Local Drive

  1. Click “Local Drive.

  2. The upload page will display. You can now drag and drop your clinical data file or click the “Upload File(s)” button in the top right.

    For CANDID -4-AI project only: 

    If you attempt to upload a DICOM imaging  data file without first uploading an MRN/Base Exam Date file, the following message displays: 

    If the file upload is successful, you will see a message confirming the import and date offset. 

    Click “Continue”. A validation check to confirm the DICOM(s) meets the axial series runs. If successful, you will see the following message. 


  3. You will be prompted to create a dataset. Click “Save Dataset”. Alternatively, you can edit the name of the dataset and then save.

  4. Once saved, you can
    1. Click “Anonymization Preview” to preview and confirm the anonymization the clinical data
    2. Click ”Cancel” to return to the import list
    3. Click the trash icon to delete the file. Alternatively, you can select a file or files and then delete them.
    4. Filter the list based on Modality, Study Description, or Study UID
    5. Click “Submit Data Set” to proceed with the submission NOTE: It is strongly recommended you preview the anonymized data before submission

  5. Anonymization Preview shows the anonymization of the MRN and other data points, if applicable to the data protocol of your project.

  6. Upon submission, the file is queued.  

  7. Click “Submission Monitor” in the message to view a list of submissions and their status.

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