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Activating DIR Link on ACR Connect

  • On initial login for the DIR Link app by the Facility Administrator, you will be directed to the Site Settings screen by default

  • On the Site Settings screen, you will be prompted to enter your NRDR Corporate ID – enter that numerical ID in the text field and click Authorize 

    *Note: If there are multiple Facility Administrators assigned under a NRDR corporate ID, only one Facility Administrator app user will be required to activate the DIR Link app.

  • You will see a Successful! Authorization message under the following conditions:

    • The NRDR Corporate ID entered is valid

    • The Facility Administrator accessing the DIR Link application is assigned the correct permissions in the NRDR portal

  • Once the NRDR Corporate ID has been successfully authorized for the DIR Link app, you will see the facility(ies) listed below the NRDR Corporate ID that are associated with this corporate account

    • The facility(ies) listed should match those facilities you are a Facility Administrator for in the NRDR portal

    • Select the correct facility(ies)and press Activate.

  • After the NRDR Corporate ID and Facility activation occurs, you will click Next to proceed with Receiver Settings to complete set-up

  • On the Receiver Settings screen, you will be able to view and edit the Listener settings set-up to receive the DIR data submitted for your ACR Connect instance

  • To confirm initial set-up and complete the Activation steps for DIR Link, you should see the following details pre-loaded on the Receiver Settings screen:

    • Status of the Listener running

      • You can start / stop the Listener as appropriate

    • Hostname / IP of the Listener set-up

    • AE Title

    • Port set-up

  • If all is correct and no adjustments are needed, you will click the Start icon for the Listener and click the Complete Activation button.

  • The Connect DICOM Service will check and return a response to the DIR Link app if a

    modified port / AE_title is in conflict with any other DICOM Listener set-up in the

    Connect platform.

  • You should see a message displayed for Activation completed!

*If there are multiple Facility Administrators when the next Facility Administrator app user accesses an already authorized / activated DIR Link app, they will see the NRDR corporate ID authorized and be directed to view their facilities under Site Settings.

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